How To Choose Your Next Sermon Series

Some might think coming up with only 52 preaching topics per year doesn’t sound like a lot, but boy oh boy, it can be quite the chore to come up with 52 topics year after year after year. For many pastors, this daunting task is broken into chunks of 4-12 weeks, which is what is commonly known as a sermon series.

By breaking down the 52 weeks into smaller, topical segments, it does make it somewhat easier to craft the messages around the topic. In other words, many pastors find it much easier to develop a sermon series around topics like grace, missions, or prophecy rather than writing 52 individual messages.

If you are a “sermon series” pastor, or if you're thinking about adopting this strategy, here are some tips for choosing your next sermon series.

First, what does your congregation need to hear? As the pastor, you are charged with seeking God’s counsel in determining what messages your people need to hear. This is an awesome responsibility, and God is more than able to help guide you in this responsibility and lead you to the right topics. Seek His counsel through prayer, and talk with your staff, deacons, Bible study leaders, and others who may be able to suggest topics for the series.

Second, are there key Christian dates on the horizon? The Christian calendar centers on two main celebrations—Christmas and Easter. You cannot go wrong in developing a series around either of these key dates, but you can also create some great sermon series around other key dates such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day or even annual events like back to school in the Fall.

Third, what interests you? There is nothing wrong with preaching on a topic that you hold dear. Quite often, the last person “served” in the church is you, the pastor. So, take this as official approval to preach a series on a topic that is of interest to you personally. Chances are, your passion for the topic will come through in the messages, which could lead to a powerful and inspiring series.

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you come up with your next sermon series. Sunday’s coming, so jump, roll up your sleeves, and start planning your next sermon series today!

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