Online Resources for Pastors of New Churches

If you are the pastor of a new church, congratulations! We pray your church grows into a thriving church and we pray your ministry is long and fruitful for the glory of God. We want to pass along a few resources available to you as you embark on your ministry journey. These resources are, for the most part, free and easy to access online. We hope you find this list useful!

Bible Gateway - This website offers the Bible in various translations--NIV, ESV, NASB, etc.--which allows for quick side-by-side comparisons as you prepare your messages. Bible Gateway also provides several commentaries and reading plans that you may find helpful.

Wix - You may not be thinking about websites as you start your ministry but you really should. We live in such a high-tech world and, chances are, you find yourself looking to your mobile phone to find a restaurant or a store to visit on a regular basis.  Oftentimes, people are doing the same thing when they are looking for a church. Therefore, having a website is vital for every church and Wix provides a free way to get your church website up and running. Wix does not require significant technical expertise and offers the chance to add options (for a charge) as you expand your website to meet the needs of your growing church.

Subsplash - In addition to a website, you might want to start thinking about creating a mobile app for your church. Subsplash is the name to know in the church mobile app space these days. With a very large church client base, Subsplash has gone "all in" for creating a mobile app to meet the needs of churches of all sizes. Technical expertise is not required, but there is a cost to develop a new mobile app. Nearly every church member, regardless of age, is carrying around a mobile phone, so having the means to communicate with them via mobile is important.

Mailchimp - And speaking of communication, email communication remains one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your congregants. If your email list is less than 2,000 names, Mailchimp is totally free per their pricing as of September 2021. Like Wix and Subsplash, you do not have to possess technical skills to craft and send emails through Mailchimp.

Pastoring a new church is exciting, but it’s also a big undertakingSo we hope this list of resources is helpful as you begin putting the pieces together in order to reach out to the community around you and begin gathering members for your congregation.

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